All the countries Anthony Bourdain visited in his TV travels

Last month renowned chef, writer, and TV personality Anthony Bourdain committed suicide, leaving the culinary world and his fans shocked and saddened.  He came into the mainstream with his book Kitchen Confeditnal (2000), which became a best-seller. The success of this led to his first TV presenting job with A Cook’s Tour, along with another best-selling book of the same name he wrote in conjunction with the show.

This would later lead to him hosting three other travel documentary shows in a similar vein, No Reservations, The Layover and Parts Unknown. The last episode of Parts Unknown aired on June 24, two weeks after his death. It is unknown if any footage Bourdain and his crew had already shot for season 12 of the show will be ever be released.

Let’s that a look at all the countries Bourdain visited over his four TV shows. A reminder that in some episodes Bourdain visited multiple countries/American states. as well as multiple cities.

A Cook’s Tour (2002-03)

Saint Martin is the only country Bourdain has visited with that is not on this map. Instead, I opted to mark Anguilla in place of it rather than not doing anything. Anguilla is the closest place I could mark in comparison to Saint Martin, as it is directly above it.

Number of times country visited for 'A Cook's Tour'

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No Reservations (2005-12)

I did not count any of the behind the scenes, special or montage episodes that were done (any ones that are not in red here) with the exception of the season two special he did in Beirut.

*Bourdain visited the Pacific island of French Polynesia. It’s on the left side of the map above the word times. Figured I’d point it out since it would likely be easy to miss otherwise.

Number of times visited country for 'No Reservations'

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The Layover (2011-13)

Number of times country visited for 'The Layover'

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Parts Unknown (2013-18)

It was not on the map but Bourdain also went to Antartica once in season nine.

Number of times country visited for 'Parts Unknown'

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Total Map, American States, and Cities

Below is a world map combined the total countries that Bourdain visited between all three of his shows. There is also a table of his most visited countries and a similar map showing how often he visited each American state.

Number of times Bourdain visited each country for his shows.png

Link to larger version of above mapLink to larger version of above map

Country Times Visited
United States 69
United States (New York) 12
United States (California) 11
France 11
Italy 11
Japan 11
Vietnam 9
Brazil 8
Spain  7
Canada 6
Mexico 6
United Kingdom 6

States Bourdain has visited in his shows

I also took noted the cities that he visited in each country. However, since I went off the episode descriptions for this, I likely could have missed some cities he visited. Below is a list of all cities that Bourdain visited at least twice from what I could find.

City Country # of visits
New York City United States (New York) 10
Los Angeles United States (California) 5
London United Kingdom (England) 4
New Orleans United States (Louisiana) 4
San Francisco United States (California) 4
Singapore Singapore 4
Beirut Lebanon 3
Buenos Aires Argentina 3
Chicago United States (Illinois) 3
Hanoi Vietnam 3
Hong Kong China (Autonomous region of Hong Kong) 3
Miami United States (Florida) 3
Rome Italy 3
St. Petersburg Russia 3
Tokyo Japan 3
Austin United States (Texas) 2
Berlin Germany 2
Detroit United States (Michigan) 2
Glasgow United Kingdom (Scotland) 2
Houston United States (Texas) 2
Istanbul Turkey 2
Kansas City United States (Missouri) 2
Las Vegas United States (Nevada) 2
Melbourne Australia 2
Minneapolis United States (Minnesota) 2
Montreal Canada 2
Oaxaca Mexico 2
Paris France 2
Porto Portugal 2
Provincetown United States (Massachusetts) 2
San Sebastian Spain 2
Sao Paolo Brazil 2
Seattle United States (Washington) 2
Seoul South Korea 2
Shanghai China 2

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