The average age of each President of the Jury for the Cannes Film Festival

The 71st annual Cannes Film Festival started a few days ago on May 8th, with actress Cate Blanchett having the honor of serving as the President of the Jury. Every year this festival hosted in Cannes, France previews a selected number of new films from around the world.

Generally, someone that is an internationally recognized personality in the world of cinema serves as the President of the Jury. Serving as the main competition President of the Jury is regarded as a great honor.

Number of Presidents of the Jury

There have been 72 Presidents of the Jury in the history of the Cannes Film Festival. This is because Ethan and Jesse Coen co-hosted as President of the Jury for the 2015 festival. However, only 66 different people have held the position as there have been several people who were President of the Jury multiple times.

Person Number of times as President (years)
Georges Huisman 3 (1946, 1947, 1949)
Andre Maurios 2 (1951, 1957)
Jean Cocteau 2 (1953, 1954)
Marcel Achard 2 (1958, 1959)
Jeanne Moreau 2 (1975. 1995)

The average age of Cannes’ Presidents of the Jury 

The average age of the 72 Cannes’ Presidents of the Jury is 58.13 years old. Out of the 66 different people who have served held the position, 31 of them are still alive and 35 of them have passed away. The average age of those still alive is 70.77 years old, while the average age of those who have passed is 77.80 years old.

chart (1)

*Not held in 1948 or 1950.

The youngest person to serve as President of the Jury was actress Sophia Loren (31), while the oldest person was filmmaker and writer René Clair (75). Below is another graph to illustrate the age range of Presidents of the Jury in the history of Cannes.

Average age pie.png

Director, producer and screenwriter Louis Malle (63) was the youngest past President of the Jury to pass away, while the oldest was actress Michèle Morgan (96). Now, let’s take a greater look at Presidents of the Jury who are still alive.



Starting in 1989 all but three (Louis Malle, Jeanne Moreau, and Patrice Chéreau) Presidents of the Jury are still alive. Only three from before the 1989 Cannes Festival are still alive.

They are actress Olivia de Havilland (1965, age 101), Sophia Loren (1966, age 83) and actor Kirk Douglas (1980, age 101). Havilland and Loren were also the first two women to serve in the role as President of the Jury.

Where have the Presidents of the Jury come from?

Finally, let’s take a look at what countries the 66 different Presidents of the Jury were born in.

Number of Presidents of the Jury born in each country

*Fritz Lang (1964 President) was born in Vienna, Austria-Hungary (Now Austria)

*Milos Forman (1985 President) was born in Čáslav, Czechoslovakia (Now Czech Republic)

*Emir Kusturica (2005 President) Sarajevo, SRF Yugoslavia (Now Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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