Wikipedia – Tracking notable deaths in February

A few days ago I looked at the numbers for notable deaths on Wikipedia for January 2018. Now, it is time to look at numbers for February. Overall, the month saw a total of 543 notable deaths. However, for all the numbers below it will only count 538 of these.

Those not counted and why

Animal: Aljabr – American thoroughbred racehorse (age 22)

No age given: Fariha Razzaq Haroon and Keith M. Wilson

Estimated age: Joseph Achuzie (age 88-89)

Claimed age: Kunwar Bai Yadav (age 106)

Deaths per day for February

The 1st and 9th saw the most deaths with 26 each, while the 23rd saw the least with only 10. On average each day in February saw 19.21 notable deaths. 15 days (53.57%) in the month saw less than 20 deaths while not a single day saw 30 or more deaths.

deaths per day

The average age of those who died 

The average age of the 538 notable people who died in February is 77.44 years old. February 23rd saw the highest average age of death at 83.30 years old. Meanwhile, February 18th saw the lowest at 70.34 years old.

chart (1).png


The oldest person to pass away was Belarusian-American Barys Kit (age 107). He was a teacher, mathematician, chemist and rocket scientist. Following World War II he emigrated to America and would soon end working in the American space research program.

In 1972, he moved to Germany and spent the rest of his life in the country as a professor. He is best known for being the author of the first book on rocket propellant, the “Rocket Propellant Handbook” (1960), which helped make moon flights possible.

The youngest was Ghanaian dancehall/Afrobeats artist Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng (age 20). However, she was known by her stage name Ebony Reigns. In December 2015 she released her first single “Dancefloor”, which was a hit and earned her a nomination at the 2016 Ghana Music Awards.

She then followed it up with two more hit singles “Kupe” and “Poison”, the latter of which earned a nomination at the 2017 All African Music Awards. On February 8th, Reigns, assistant Franklina Yaa Nkansah Kuri, and soldier Atsu Vondee were killed in a car accident.

age difference

Of the 28 days in February, *15 of them saw the most notable people dying to be between the ages of 80-89. Overall, 28.81% of deaths in the months were from people in this age range.

*Includes ties. Example: On Feb. 23rd six people between 70-79 and 80-89 died.

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Notes and Info:

Featured Image from – (use to find the number of deaths and age of those who died)

All charts and graphs made using Google Spreadsheets