Wikipedia – Tracking notable deaths in April

So far I have looked at the numbers for notable deaths on Wikipedia for the first three months of the year. Now, it is time to look at numbers for April. Overall, the month saw a total of 519 notable deaths. However, for all the numbers below it will only count 513 of these.

Those not counted and why

Animal: Silviniaco Conti – French racehorse (age 12), Giant’s Causeway – American thoroughbred racehorse (age 21) and Inuka – Singaporean polar bear (age 27).

Estimated age: Saw O Moo (age 42-43), Luis Montes Mieza (age 68-69)

No age given: Shah Marai

Deaths per day for April

The 12th and the 25th tied for the most deaths with 24, while the 9th and the 29th saw the least with only 10. On average each day in April saw 17.10 notable deaths. 21 days (70%) in the month saw less than 20 deaths while nine days (30%) saw 20 or more deaths.

Deaths per day

The average age of those who died 

The average age of the 513 notable people who died in April is 79.82 years old. April 23rd saw the highest average age of death at 85.09 years old. The previous day, April 22nd, actually saw the lowest average age at 73.06 years old.

Avg age day


The oldest person to pass away Japanese supercentenarian Nabi Tajima (age 117). Passing away at 117 years and 260 days old, Tajima was the third-oldest person to have ever lived. She was also the oldest verified Asian and oldest Japanese national. With her death on April 21st, there are now no more people alive who were born in the 19th century (1801-1900).

The youngest was Candian advocate Jonathan Pitre (age 17). He was born with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB). It is a very rare genetic mutation which causes external and internal blistering across the body.

He gained awareness following an October 2012 interview that the Ottawa Citizen had with him. Soon after he became an ambassador for DEBRA Canada, a charity dedicated to raising awareness and supporting those with the disease. Sadly on April 4th, Pitre died due to complications from septic shock.

Oldest and youngest

Of the 30 days in April, *21 of them saw the most notable people dying to be between the ages of 80-89. Overall, 32.16% of deaths in the months were from people in this age range.

*Includes ties. Example: On April 12th seven people between 70-79 and 80-89 died.

Age range

Notes and Info:

Featured Image from – (used to find the number of deaths and age of those who died)

All charts and graphs made using Google Spreadsheets


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