Wikipedia – Tracking notable deaths in January

In recent years, it seems like more notable people have passed away then in the past. Since Wikipedia keeps track of every notable people that passed away every day for each month, let’s take a look at the numbers behind the first month of this year, January.

Overall, the month saw a total of 702 notable deaths. For all the numbers below, it will only count 698 of these. There were two people, Lutho Tapela and Sheika Hassa bint Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, who did not have an age given on the site. There were also two notable animals listed: Nico the Western lowland gorilla (age 56) and thoroughbred racehorse Dreaming of Anna (age 14).

Deaths per day for January

The 15th and 16th saw the most deaths with 33 each, while the 11th saw the least with only 14. On average each day in January saw 22.5 notable deaths. Nine days (29.03%) in the month saw less than 20 deaths while five days (16.12%) saw 30 or more deaths.

Deaths per day.png

The average age of those who died 

The average age of the 698 notable people who died in January is 78.11 years old. January 6th saw the highest average age of death at 84 years old. Meanwhile, January 2nd saw the lowest at 70.64 years old.

Avg age per day


The oldest person to pass away was Hungarian supercentenarian Elza Brandeisz (age 110). She was a dancer and teacher, who helped hide Jewish people during World War II including future billionaire investor George Soros and his mother. In 1995, she was honored as Righteous Among the Nations.

The youngest was American football quarterback Tyler Hilinski (age 21), who sadly committed suicide. He went to Washington State, redshirting in 2015 and serving as the backup the next two seasons. Hilinski memorably helped led a 21-point comeback to defeat Boise State after coming off the bench when starter Luke Falk got injured.

Young v OLD

Of the 31 days in January, 24 of them saw the most notable people dying to be between the ages of 80-89. Overall, 32.95% of deaths in the months were from people in this age range.

Age range

Comparisons to the average human lifespan 

At 78.11 years old, the average age of notable people who died in January 2018 was higher than the worldwide average of 71.4 years. (As of 2015 according to the United Nations World Mortality 2017 Report) This number was just below the American average of 78.6 years. (As of 2016 according to the NCHS December 2017 Data Brief)

NCHS stands for National Hospital Care Service.

Notes and Info:

Image from – (use to find the number of deaths and age of those who died)

All charts and graphs made using Google Spreadsheets


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